Commercial Blasting

Allstate Media Blasting Commercial Blasting

Rust, corrosion, and damaged paint are more than unsightly inconveniences. If left unaddressed, they could degrade industrial equipment and other structural assets that are essential to the successful operation of your business, as well as threatening the health, safety, and compliance of your facility.. 

You can protect your business or industrial site with commercial blasting services by ALLSTATE Media Blasting.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Sandblasting

Our clients see many benefits from heavy-duty commercial media blasting services, such as:

  • Repair and Remediation: Fixtures, equipment, and tanks will have to be replaced a lot less often with regular media blasting services to remove char, rust, debris, and corrosion.
  • Cleanliness: Media blasting cleans the surface of all the stubborn particulates and debris that have been clinging to it, giving you a cleaner work site, which reduces the risk of product contamination or degradation.
  • Compliance: Because abrasive blasting services keep equipment and surfaces cleaner and ensure proper, complete coating when painted, you stay in compliance with health and safety standards so you can remain fully operational.

About ALLSTATE Commercial Blasting Services 

We use sandblasting mediums (including glass blasting, soda blasting, and dustless blasting) to restore your surfaces safely, effectively, and efficiently. 

We specialize in mill and factory restoration, metal and steel surface preparation, and masonry protection and restoration, but we offer many additional sandblasting surfaces for commercial and industrial spaces, including: 

  • Cleaning Services: Abrasive blasting is essential to proper, compliant industrial cleaning and painting procedures. Starting with media blasting services means a more successful industrial painting project or building inspection. 
  • Fire Damage Repair and Restoration: Media blasting can remove surface damage and char. If you’re dealing with fire damage at your facility, abrasive blasting is an important step for remediation
  • Rust Removal: If you found rust on your last corrosion inspection, get rid of it completely with media blasting for rust removal.
  • Paint Removal: Whether your walls, ceilings, fixtures, or equipment need new coatings, or you’re just wanting to freshen your worksite with new paint, abrasive blasting services are a must to fully renew the old paint so the new paint goes on smooth.

Since we offer multiple media blasting options, you can rest assured that your surfaces will be treated with the proper blasting application, at the appropriate setting, to completely remove particulates and debris while preserving the strength and aesthetic appeal of your surfaces.

We have the people power and expertise to tackle heavy-duty commercial projects on large sites with utmost attention to detail, industry standards, and on-the-job safety. We will do whatever we can to plan and complete projects in a way that helps you stay productive and utilize your space when you need it. 

Commercial building owners and facility managers across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut trust ALLSTATE Media Blasting to help their worksite look its best and operate at its full potential. 

Keep operations and equipment running smoothly and effectively at your office, commercial space, or worksite with complete surface preparation services from ALLSTATE Media Blasting. Don’t wait to protect your assets. Request your commercial blasting estimate today.