Masonry Surface Restoration

Stone, brick, and other masonry is beautiful and durable. Your stone walls, chimney, or outdoor features are likely to last for years to come. But they’re still susceptible to damage and degradation over time. If you’ve noticed your masonry is showing signs of wear and tear, schedule masonry repair and restoration services right away to keep your home or business safe.

Allstate Media Blasting offers residential, commercial, and multi-unit masonry repair and restoration services for walls, chimneys, and other stone surfaces. Our experienced restoration contractors are ready to restore your property’s valuable assets, and preserve their strength for years to come.

Brick, stucco, cement, and any other materials used in masonry can be restored to their original finish with professional media blasting services that clear away damage and debris.

Stop crumbling brick, deteriorating mortar, and efflorescence in their tracks. Call Allstate Media Blasting for a masonry repair and restoration estimate today.