Mill and Factory Restoration

Mills and factories are at the heart of the economy for cities across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Facility managers, building owners, contractors, and operations managers know that when your factory or mill walls, ceilings, and other elements start to show signs of deterioration, you can’t afford to wait. You need a proactive approach to restoration and repair that prevents unplanned overhauls and costly shutdowns.

Allstate Media Blasting teams have been part of many of New England’s largest historic mill restoration projects. We understand how to clean and restore a variety of surfaces (including wood, masonry, and metal), so you can rest assured we will recommend the most effective media blasting method for your mill or factory.

Restoration services for factories and mills have many benefits. They ensure compliance with health and safety standards, they make a strong first impression on clients, vendors, and customers. And they help your walls and structures stand taller and stronger against the elements, and the demands of production for years to come. Don’t let mill or factory surface damage hurt your productivity. Call Allstate Media Blasting for your factory or mill restoration estimate today.