In our 20 plus years of continuing business, Allstate Sandblasting Corporation has serviced thousands of homes throughout Providence, Westerly, Newport, Warwick and surrounding areas of Rhode Island including nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. As the premier home restoration contractor in Rhode Island and the surrounding region, let us restore your peeling house back to its natural wood surface with our glass-blast process. Don’t neglect your decking, porches, or other entrances to your home, as simple repairs that go unfixed can easily lead to structural defects. Allow our experts to address any issues to your newer home before they become bigger problems, leading to comprehensive renovations. Contact our team today to receive a free estimate or to receive more information regarding our extensive list of services.

The Problem Known As Mill Glaze

Mill Glaze is the almost polished like finish that is on the smooth side of clapboards or in the grain of the rough side. It’s so smooth, almost glass like, and is impervious to penetration from most if not all products. This same problem is also commonly seen on newer shingles and trim boards. Whatever is applied to the mill glazed wood siding sits on the surface with little or no penetration.

Staining Your Home

The product known as “stain” is intended to penetrate the wood surface becoming part of the wood. This is not permitted with mill glazed wood. A properly functioning stained house will gradually fade over time. The average staining job should last 6-8 years. At the time of restraining, the maintenance of such a home should consist of no more than a washing and one (1) coat of stain to rejuvenate the finish.

Let Us Solve Your Home Restoration Problem

We will remove your troubled layers of stain or paint. In doing so we will rid your wood of the mill glaze finish and leave you with a properly prepared and stainable surface. Allstate Sandblasting Corporation has serviced thousands of homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in our 20+ years of continuing business.