Comprehensive Media Blasting Services

Allstate Media Blasting Comprehensive Media Blasting

Sandblasting media and methods must adapt to the demands of your project, and the needs and condition of your surfaces. If you live or work in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, make ALLSTATE Media Blasting your one-stop shop for surface preparation and restoration. Call for your sandblasting estimate today.

As part of our comprehensive commercial, industrial, and residential blasting services, we also offer the following:

  • Auto Restoration: Protect your car, truck, antique car, or vintage automobile. Auto restoration that includes abrasive blasting means a smoother surface for repainting and refreshing your favorite vehicles.
  • Cleaning Services: Abrasive blasting is essential to thorough and effective industrial-strength cleaning. Start strong when planning for your building inspection or painting project by scheduling media blasting services.
  • Fire Damage Repair and Restoration: Don’t deal with fire damage alone. Let our teams work with you for more effective fire damage restoration and repair by removing surface damage and char with abrasive blasting.
  • Playground Restoration: Improve one of the most-loved spots in your neighborhood or municipal park. We’ll work together to clean and prep your surfaces as a part of your playground restoration.
  • Rust Removal: Don’t let rust and corrosion damage valuable parts and equipment. Call our team for corrosion remediation and removal.
  • Paint Removal: If you need to repaint, repair structures, or update coatings, professional paint removal with effective media blasting is a great first step.
  • Radiator Sandblasting: At Allstate Media Blasting, we have the tools and experience to clean, repair, and renew radiators with our radiator restoration services. 

Our teams of media blasting experts are trusted by homeowners, contractors, and industry leaders. Let us prep and restore your surfaces with precision and care. Call for your sandblasting estimate today.