Residential and Commercial Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is more than a nuisance. Graffiti is done with hard-to-remove paint that can harm your exterior walls. Graffiti makes your home, industrial site, or commercial building an eyesore. Graffiti damage can negatively impact your property value, or prevent you from making a strong first impression, if left unaddressed.

You don’t have to live with graffiti. It can be removed, and your exterior walls restored, with help from ALLSTATE Media Blasting. We use dustless blasting to clean graffiti from walls, strip paint particulates without damaging the surface. Complete graffiti removal prepares surfaces for repainting, so you’re one step closer to property restoration and renewal. Don’t let graffiti damage detract from your property value or curb appeal. Call ALLSTATE Media Blasting for your graffiti removal estimate today.