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When it comes to home restoration and large building cleanup projects, most people think of residential sandblasting and powerwashing as the first lines of defense against grime, dirt, and all other forms of buildup.

Whether your project is for a painted house or a brick facade on your commercial building, you are certainly not limited to powerwashing or house sandblasting when it comes to surface restoration and deep cleaning. 

Dustless blasting is a media blasting method that offers the same thorough clean of commercial sandblasting without the added mess of the project. Through dustless blasting, you will loosen grime and buildup from your commercial building’s exterior. This environmentally friendly cleaning method involves a system that mixes water, abrasive, and rust inhibitors inside the blast tank to increase productivity, eliminate dust, and eliminate heat from friction shrinking the carbon footprint of dustless blasting methods.  

How to Know when Dustless Blasting Is the Right Move for You

When You Want to Improve the Aesthetic Quality of Your Building

Dustless blasting is a strong cleaning method that makes your building cleaning process more effective. By using an abrasive that cleans much more thoroughly than you would ever be able to on your own or with other methods of exterior building cleaning, you will see more dirt and grime removed in less time. If you want to restore your commercial building to its former glory, dustless blasting is the ideal option. 

When You Want to Protect Your Assets

Dirt and grime are not only unsightly; they can also be dangerous. 

Moisture and mold caused by dirt and grime are corrosive substances that actively degrade your commercial building’s exterior and can compromise its structural integrity. If left unaddressed, you may find that your doors and windows no longer seal properly as degradation has eaten away at them. 

Not only can drafty doors and windows increase your heating and cooling bills, doors and windows that do not seal properly may also leave you at risk for a break-in. One of the best ways to protect your assets and ensure safety is to attack corrosive substances head-on through abrasive blasting methods like dustless blasting

When You Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sandblasting and other methods of abrasive blasting can be especially harmful to the environment. Dirt and debris released during the abrasive blasting process create a mess and contaminate the air and water near the cleaning site. 

Dustless blasting significantly reduces the amount of free-flying debris to lessen the environmental impact of the media blasting process without sacrificing the quality of the job completed. Processes such as glassblasting also use recycled materials, which can help to further benefit the environment while restoring your commercial building’s surface.  

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