Auto Restoration with Media Blasting

Using Media Blasting for Auto Restoration

Cars and trucks help us get through life’s ups and downs. Caring for cars, trucks, and other automobiles is a labor of love. But as time passes and damaged paint and other debris accumulates on the surface, it becomes too much for a DIY job. Media blasting is an essential step when heavy-duty auto restoration is necessary. Done properly and with the right equipment, media blasting removes everything accumulated on the truck or car surface without damaging the structure. ALLSTATE Media Blasting is here to help with your truck or car restoration project. 

Before you repaint a vehicle, our team uses dustless blasting to remove paint, grime, rust, and corrosion from the car or truck steel body. Other blasting methods may risk warping the auto body due to increased temperatures and greater friction. Dustless blasting minimizes this risk. In fact, it actually reduces both friction and heat. Your auto body will be free of damaged paint, rust, and grime in no time. And the good news? You can repaint cars the same day your blasting project is complete. 

DIY paint removal may get most of the paint or corrosion off your car or truck. But most often, there are imperfections that at-home tools and techniques can’t completely remove. That means any future painting will likely be compromised. Prepping the surface with dustless blasting completely removes paint, rust and debris without the typical, messy dust of more traditional sandblasting methods. That means any new paints, primers, and coatings that go on your car or truck will adhere smoothly, with long-lasting results. Your car or truck is a valuable investment. Don’t risk further damage to it by trying to remove rust, paint, or other debris yourself. Call ALLSTATE Media Blasting for your auto restoration dustless blasting estimate today.