Radiator Restoration

Commercial and Residential Radiator Restoration by Allstate Media Blasting

Maintaining or restoring the radiator in your home or business may not be top of mind, but in reality, it can affect the efficiency of your operations or greatly determine your electric bill. At Allstate Media Blasting, we have the tools and experience to clean, repair, and renew radiators with our radiator restoration services. 

“I have used Allstate Media Blasting several times over the past 20 years. They have sandblasted buildings for us, and most recently, glass blasted the interior corrugated metal ceilings at a local university and at a well-known country club. These guys know their stuff and do a great job.” – Mark E.

Superior Commercial and Residential Radiator Services

If you have an old or poorly maintained radiator in your home or commercial building, Allstate Media Blasting is here to help. With industrial sandblasting, glassblasting, and other abrasive and media blasting services, we will strip your radiator of built-up grime, debris, and other hazards. Customers throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will enjoy a more efficient radiator, resulting in a more polished and aesthetically pleasing appearance and reduced electric bills. Allstate Media Blasting will restore its reliability, reducing the risk of failure and safety hazards all winter long.  

After cleaning and restoring your radiator, Allstate Media Blasting will color match and paint it so it looks brand new and complements your home or business. Bring your space back to life with radiator repair and restoration services from Allstate Media Blasting!

When to Complete Radiator Restoration

Whether you have a hot water radiator or steam radiator, we will tailor the restoration process to its specific needs.

Radiator Restoration with Allstate Media Blasting includes:

  • Pipe inspection for leaks, cracks, and other inconsistencies.
  • Remove the past layers of old paint. This may include sandblasting, or other abrasive blasting services.
  • Clean away any debris, dust, or paint left from the prior step.
  • Priming the radiator with a rust-resistant primer.
  • Painting the radiator with rust-resistant paint that complements the room.

Radiator restoration is a smart step to becoming more up-to-code with fire compliance and codes. New paint, removal of old paint, and regular inspection not only ensure efficiency but safety as well.

Removing old lead paint and replacing it with a rust-resistant primer and paint will do wonders for the look of your room for years to come. It will also increase the overall health and productivity of staff or family members by ensuring they live and work in a safe environment. 

Why Choose Allstate Media Blasting for Radiator Restoration Services?

The team at Allstate Media Blasting work around your schedule and lifestyle to ensure work is completed on time, within budget, and with professionalism. We have the tools and current knowledge for each step of the process to ensure your radiators are compliant, safe, and effective. We will plan and oversee the process from media blasting to reinstallation to guarantee your satisfaction. Ready to get started? Call Allstate Media Blasting for your commercial radiator repair quote today.