Dustless Blasting Services

You’ve noticed deterioration and debris on your aluminum, steel, or fiberglass surfaces, but you know some abrasive blasting methods are more
harmful to the environment. Dustless blasting by Allstate Media Blasting is a fast, clean, and environmentally “green” paint removal system. Our patented system mixes water, abrasive, and rust inhibitors inside the blast tank to increase productivity, eliminate dust, and eliminate heat from friction, all of which helps shrink dustless blasting’s carbon footprint. Dustless blasting can restore masonry, boat bottoms, automobiles, and more. Find out how we can transform your surfaces. Call Allstate Media Blasting for a dustless blasting estimate today.

Improve and Restore a Variety of Surfaces

Our machine is tough on paint, grease, mold and calcium build-up but gentle enough to keep brick, stone, marble, concrete and cement surfaces looking like new. If you’re a boat owner, consider our method of anti-fouling bottom paint removal. We can blast away marine build-up without damaging the gel coat. If you run an auto shop or enjoy auto restoration, dustless blasting leaves aluminum, steel and fiberglass like new. We offer auto restorers the easiest, safest and most affordable paint removal solution available today.