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Brick building before masonry

How to Protect Your Exterior Masonry from Deterioration During the Winter

What to Know About Preparing Masonry Your Masonry in Cold Weather Buildings provide us with shelter from the harsh winter environment, and your brick or other stone exterior will take a beating over the years. To protect your masonry from deterioration in the winter, it will take a watchful eye over the course of the warmer months to notice when cracks or chipping start to occur. Taking action before freezing…

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Brick apartment complex

What You Can Do to Keep Your Brick Apartment Complex Looking New

How to Keep a Brick Apartment Building Looking New Maintaining Your Stone Siding Apartment buildings and complexes with brick exteriors give a warm and inviting appeal from the stone’s timeless appearance. Well-maintained masonry seems to last forever, and with light attention, you can maintain your brick buildings in excellent condition that will continue to last for decades to come.  Wear from Weather Buildings shelter us from the elements and take…

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5 Tips for Winterizing Your Boat This Fall

Boats in Winter Your boat is an important investment that will give you years of enjoyment, especially when you give it regular maintenance. Winter is a great opportunity to perform any needed repairs and cleaning before you put it in storage for the season. These five tips will help you winterize your boat and keep it in good shape year-round. 1. Clean Your Boat  During the spring, summer, and fall,…

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Warehouse maintenance in the winter

Surface Restorations to Consider This Winter for Your Shop

Following a productive summer and fall of outdoor maintenance, the move inside for the colder months of the year presents an opportunity to do some deep cleaning in your factory or warehouse. Buildup from general operations throughout the year is unavoidable, both inside and outside of the building. Removing dirt, grime, chipping paint, and corrosion from your walls and facades during the winter keeps you on top of the previous…

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Newly cleaned engine

The Importance of Cleaning an Engine Block Before Rebuilding

Every car owner can identify with the dread that settles in when a check engine light flickers on your dashboard. Engine damage can spell disaster in your car and result in expensive damages and repairs. In an industrial manufacturing setting, however, an engine in need of repairs can be devastating for an entire plant.  Here is what you need to know about the importance of cleaning an engine block before…

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Dustless blasting in a factory

Why In-Shop Dustless Sandblasting Is the Perfect Option for Your Factory Restoration

If you are a factory owner or manager, you know that time is money. When production moves slowly or issues delay production, every moment that passes is profit lost. The need for occasional repairs and maintenance is inevitable, even for the most attentive of plant managers. Even though repairs are necessary at some point or another, repairs and maintenance don’t have to cost your company valuable time and money. With…

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