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How to Clean Inside an Engine Block

You don’t have to be a master mechanic to know that the engine is the heart and soul of any machine. Whether it is a car, tractor, or other large piece of equipment, chances are that the engine of an asset is the most expensive to repair or replace.  Especially in an unstable economy, it is crucial that you protect your most expensive and integral assets. One of the best…

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Exterior Home Restorations to Plan for in the New Year

As the new year rolls in, everyone has a plan for how they would like to enter into the next season. For some, personal health goals are a priority, while others put financial goals at the top of their list.  While 2020 was a period of isolation for many people across the globe, the new year brings hope of reuniting with friends and loved ones once more. Opening your home…

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What Tools and Surfaces Can Benefit from In-Shop Blasting?

As winter progresses, many of your home or business’ surfaces are subject to the damage caused by the moisture and low temperatures that the colder months often bring. Whether it is salt damage from substances meant to melt snow or buildup from assets lying dormant in winter, your assets may be in sorry shape once spring rolls around. While you can refinish and repair surfaces after the winter, you can…

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Tiles spelling "Happy New Year"

In-Shop Restorations to Consider in the New Year

For many households around the globe, quarantine has meant  home restoration projects can happen and finally tackling that to-do list you’ve been putting off for years. With the vast changes in the job market, it is more important than ever to ensure condos and apartments, as well as commercial buildings, are prepared for when the economy restabilizes and the world settles into a new normal.  If you are looking to…

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Wood wall and doorway

The Problem with Mill Glazing

For many, the age of COVID-19 has meant a lot more time at home than ever before. Whether you’ve just cancelled your usual outings or have begun working from home, everyone has become much more aware of those flaws in their home that they used to ignore. All of that extra time at home also means more time for home restoration projects. Whether you are a homeowner or a manager…

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Freshly painted home siding

Home Exteriors: Stain vs. Paint

When you design your dream house or map out your home restoration, there are a myriad of different factors to consider. For your own home, you might mull over carpet samples and tile options. If you manage condos and apartments, you will need to consider what overall style you want for each of your units.  Whether you are designing for one home or multiple units, the decisions you make for…

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