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Getting Rid of Graffiti

When it comes to unsightly features, graffiti has to be one of the worst for buildings and residences. Buildings with graffiti on their exterior conjure up thoughts of unsafe neighborhoods, abandoned buildings, and security risks. Aside from the usual connotations of graffiti, the actual content of the graffiti may present another issue. Often, graffiti contains lewd images or profane speech that may offend residents, customers, or anyone walking nearby.  Regardless…

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Cleaning Stone and Stucco

The housing market can be difficult to navigate, and people trying to sell their homes may go to great lengths to sell their property. Whether it is through expensive landscaping, strategic advertising, or in some cases, lowering your asking price, homeowners have to get creative to make their properties stand out.  One of the best ways to ensure that your home catches the eye of prospective buyers is through an…

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Back to School Playground Restoration and Cleaning

All of the normal back to school chaos is only compounded this year with the presence of COVID-19, eLearning, and many of us working from home.  Whether you are a school administrator looking to prepare your facilities for the physical return of students, or someone ensuring your local parks are safe for children who need a break from their computers, it is crucial that playgrounds are safe and sanitary this…

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Allstate Media Blasting sandblasting on brick wall

Brick Restoration Tips and Techniques

There are a number of different reasons to opt for a brick exterior to your home or business.  Brick lends an air of old world sophistication, beauty, and durability that simply cannot be achieved through other siding materials. Even so, brick exteriors — though highly durable — are not indestructible. And while vinyl siding can be repaired and replaced with relative ease, brick siding requires a bit more maintenance.  Aluminum…

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Allstate Media Blasting natural wood restoration service

Natural Wood Restoration

Natural wood can be an exceptional feature in your home. Whether it’s beautiful hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, or your deck, natural wood assets must be protected to ensure that they stand the test of time and stay beautiful.  It’s no secret that natural wood assets are vulnerable to damage. Between water damage, chipping, and scuffs, it is crucial to frequently tend to and inspect the natural wood in your home. …

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Allstate Media Blasting HOA blasting services

Blasting Services for HOAs

Homeowners’ associations can be a great asset for your neighborhood. HOAs, at their best, help support neighbors and ensure the flourishing of each and every resident. At their worst, HOAs are disjointed committees run by haggard individuals trying to serve their home owners’ association while also holding down another full-time job.  In circumstances like these, HOA representatives are scrambling to enforce policies and clean up the neighborhood. Clearly, HOAs are…

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