Paint Removal with Abrasive Blasting

Tackling paint removal by yourself or with hand blasting tools is stressful and time-consuming. Even for a small job, it’s very difficult to fully remove paint without professional-grade tools. ALLSTATE Media Blasting is trusted by business owners, facility managers, and homeowners across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut for professional paint removal.

When Paint Removal is a Must

If you notice any of the following, it’s time to plan a paint removal project with our media blasting team:

  • Paint damage (including chipping, bubbling, and discoloration)
  • Rust and corrosion spreading on painted surfaces
  • Weather damage from rain, snow, ice, or high temperatures
  • Ahead of a repaint

Whether it’s previously scheduled improvements, necessary upgrades for compliance, or a repaint as part of a rebrand, restoration, or upgrade, we are here to help. We have the tools to get paint and coating removal done completely and efficiently without damaging the underlying surface. We can remove paint from wood, metal, concrete, stucco, and more. Bring your residential, commercial, or industrial property back up to your high standards. Call ALLSTATE Media Blasting for your paint removal estimate today.