Warehouse maintenance in the winter

Following a productive summer and fall of outdoor maintenance, the move inside for the colder months of the year presents an opportunity to do some deep cleaning in your factory or warehouse. Buildup from general operations throughout the year is unavoidable, both inside and outside of the building.

Removing dirt, grime, chipping paint, and corrosion from your walls and facades during the winter keeps you on top of the previous year’s mess and ahead of spring cleaning in preparation for summer, all while maintaining your shop in a high-quality condition that is up to code.

Types of Restorations for Winter

Surface Restorations

Maintaining your space adds to efficiency and productivity all around:

  • There are fewer problems in operations when spaces are clean and clear.
  • Property managers save on costs of repairs from fewer equipment breakdowns.
  • Up-to-code best practices decrease liability concerns and labor costs.

When monitoring surfaces for corrosion and degradation, the first step towards prevention is keeping the material clean and using a protective coating when possible, when you notice red, orange, black, or white specs or deposits, the beginnings of corrosion, blast cleaning will help remove those kernels and keep them from spreading.

Stone, brick, and other masonry surfaces are susceptible to degradation over time, especially when exposed to outdoor elements. Stone surfaces may need repair as they chip and wear down; sandblasting to clean the area is an essential step before applying new mortar, cement, or other restoration materials.

In addition to preventing corrosion and degradation, some materials may need a deep cleaning to remove old paint, oil stains, loose rust, and built-up dirt. When buildup remains on a surface, whether steel or wood, degradation is more likely to occur than if it’s cleaned regularly. 

Commercial Sandblasting Services

Allstate Media Blasting offers a range of commercial sandblasting services that can help you with your in-shop cleaning needs. Decades of experience have resulted in an efficient performance that will be the right process for your project. Our variety of media blasting tools and techniques guarantees our service will leave you totally satisfied. 

  • Sandblasting services will keep your shop efficient, high-performing, and looking great to visitors and employees alike. Blast cleaning your walls, ceilings, or machinery not only extends their lifetimes but prepares them for any repair or restoration that may need to be performed. 
  • Glass blasting is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sandblasting, creating a sustainable option that contributes to the sustainability and long-term resilience of your shop and its buildings’ infrastructure.
  • Water is a dustless blasting alternative to particle blasting. Using a high water pressure system (2,000-5,000 psi at flow of 4-14 gallons per minute), dirt, oil, and other types of buildup can be removed without using any solid materials.

As we plan ahead for our New England winter, scheduling professional blast cleaning can contribute to your general maintenance or a specific restoration project. For any of your surface preparation needs, Allstate Media blasting has served Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut since 1986, remaining a trusted partner of homeowners and businesses alike. Contact us to schedule an appraisal today!

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