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Storefront with red bricks

When Dustless Blasting Is the Perfect Choice for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to home restoration and large building cleanup projects, most people think of residential sandblasting and powerwashing as the first lines of defense against grime, dirt, and all other forms of buildup. Whether your project is for a painted house or a brick facade on your commercial building, you are certainly not limited to powerwashing or house sandblasting when it comes to surface restoration and deep cleaning.  Dustless…

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Aerial view of an HOA neighborhood

Residential Blasting Tips for HOAs

The purpose of a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is to keep your neighborhood safe and beautiful. While your HOA may have a litany of time-honored traditions and guidelines for your neighborhood, as the world changes, it is crucial to adapt and prepare for anything that may come your way.  Maintaining your exterior house paint takes a lot more than the occasional cleaning. If you have a leadership role in your homeowners’…

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Newly maintained brick wall

From Brick Walls to Wooden Ceilings. How to Clean and Maintain for Years to Come

If you’ve ever hired home restoration services, you know that home restoration is a huge undertaking.  If your home’s issues have gotten to the point of requiring complete surface restoration, you probably have wished that you did everything you could along the way to protect your surfaces. Just like your home landscaping or your car, your brick walls, wooden ceilings, and everything in between need frequent maintenance to prevent the…

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Person clapping their hands with dust

How Dustless Blasting Reduces Debris and Cleanliness Issues on the Machines in an Industrial Facility

Short-term fixes are great when you are in a pinch to meet a deadline, but cutting corners is never permissible when it comes to safety and machinery in your industrial building. Daily maintenance of machines is necessary, but it is critical to perform frequent deep cleaning of your machines to ensure that they are fully operational and meet all necessary safety standards.  If you think that a daily rinse down…

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Outdoor deck after refinishing

When to Refinish Your Deck After the Winter

After the isolation of 2020 and a long, cold winter, we are all going to be ready for backyard gatherings and summer parties. With most states still under some level of social restrictions, we are all itching for a little bit of (socially distanced) human interaction.  While you’re preparing for the summer season, spring is a great time to check off house projects like deck restoration. After the winter, you…

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