Damaged siding

If you have owned your home for a number of years or recently purchased a fixer upper, you know full well how frustrating damaged siding can be. While many home painting issues can be solved with new paint and elbow grease, your alligatoring paint or chipped siding may seem like an insurmountable task. Do you scrape it away? Do you paint over it? Do you need to have new siding installed altogether?

Fortunately, with the right residential sandblasting company, your home restoration solutions are just a call away– drab siding included. Here is how glass blasting with services from Allstate Media Blasting can help save your home’s siding.

What to Know About Glass Blasting

What Is Glass Blasting?

Much like power washing and sandblasting, glass blasting is an aggressive cleaning method to clean up some of your biggest messes.

An abrasive blasting method like glass blasting, can clear away years of rust and grime in just a few minutes. Glass blasting is a great method of asset restoration because it eliminates some of the health and safety hazards that can be presented by traditional media blasting.

Glass blasting uses a high pressure nozzle and recycled crushed glass to reveal a clean, smooth surface on all of your assets.

This method is also much more environmentally friendly because it uses repurposed materials and contains no heavy metals. It is also one of the most effective methods for thorough cleaning because of the unique cubic shape of the sandblasting glass, removing coatings much faster than most other blasting media.

Glass Blasting for Exterior Home Siding

Between weather damage from the sun, rain, hail, and any other environmental wear and tear in your region, your home’s exterior goes through a lot. It is crucial that you receive the right services for restoring your siding to help avoid a complete residing project.

Since glass blasting is such a precise and thorough cleaning method, our professionals can remove much more dirt, grime, and other corrosive materials that can compromise the safety and aesthetic quality of your siding.

If you notice chipping or flaking paint on your home’s exterior, it is due time for some home restoration services. Managing exterior damage early is a critical step to ensure that your siding is not so far gone that it needs to be replaced. Call up a media blasting professional to make sure your siding isn’t so damaged it needs replacing.

For the right cleaning services, Allstate Media Blasting is the perfect company to meet your home’s needs.

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Allstate Media Blasting is the commercial sandblasting company that does it all. If you need your siding serviced, graffiti removal service, or any house sandblasting project in between, we’re the company for you.

At Allstate Media Blasting, our experienced professionals have the tools and knowledge to evaluate the needs of your commercial building and make your design dreams come true. We do all of this while tailoring to your budget. Contact us today by calling (401) 884-0692 or check us out online to see how Allstate can work for you.

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