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As a business owner or plant manager, one of your primary tasks is making sure that your business remains financially solvent for the years to come. While there are many ways to reduce costs, most involve reducing the quality of products and services or eliminating them entirely. It is rarely possible to simultaneously increase the quality of your services while decreasing your long-term costs.

With cleaning to bare metal, you will have better services for your assets and protect your bottom line. Here is what you need to know about power tool cleaning to bare metal with services from Allstate Media Blasting.

What to Know About Power Tool Blasting

Media Blasting for Machinery

Services like sandblasting and glass blasting aren’t just for your residential or commercial building’s exterior. A painted house can benefit tremendously from residential sandblasting, but a great way to improve the quality of your machinery assets is through factory restoration services.

Media blasting for your machinery uses high pressure and various types of an abrasive to loosen grime and buildup. This type of cleaning can help to reveal a surface that is clean and new, increasing your factory or mill’s overall efficiency.

Cleaning to Bare Metal

In circumstances where sandblasting or glass blasting is not the most ideal method, cleaning to bare metal can be a tremendously beneficial option.

This method is often known as Surface Preparation Standard number 11 or SP11: “In areas where an abrasive blast is desirable but impractical, Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal may be used to prepare the surface. Prior to blast cleaning, visible deposits of oil and/or grease should be removed by power washing or other agreed upon methods. In addition, sharp fins, edges, and weld spatter should be removed. This method may be used to produce a surface profile in small areas.

Surface cleaning power tools are generally impacting or profile producing power tools, to which any of the following types of media can be attached:

  • Non-woven abrasive wheels and discs
  • Coated abrasive discs
  • Flap wheels
  • Needle guns or other devices

3M Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Products line can provide this type of abrasive media to be mounted onto power tools.”

Ultimately, cleaning to bare metal produces an ideal clean surface to increase asset efficiency, reduce the likelihood of costly shutdowns, and ultimately save plant managers money.

When you bring your assets’ surfaces back to their most original state, this extra thorough clean can reduce the amount you need to spend investing in routine cleaning services as your machines are given a fresh start.

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